Police say for the third time in just over 48 hours, a member of the protective services was fired upon.

According to reports, a soldier was shot at after an altercation which took place during an excursion to Clifton Hill Beach in Point Fortin.

The soldier told police that at about 4.50 pm he had a confrontation with a 34-year-old man said to be a security guard from Tunpauna.

During the confrontation, the guard pulled out a firearm and the weapon discharged.

The soldier, fearful for his life, walked away from the scene, while the 34-year-old made his way to a bus.

The police were notified and a team of officers visited.

They were informed of the incident, and they had cause to stop and search the suspect.

On the bus, they found a 9mm firearm loaded with five rounds of ammunition, as well as one spent shell.

The man was detained as a result and is currently aiding with inquiries.