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Selby Wilson questioned with skepticism at Coup Inquiry

Selby Wilson2 A Former Finance Minister has been questioned with skepticism following evidence he gave at today’s resumption of the Commission of Enquiry into the 1990 attempted coup.

Selby Wilson was the first to take the chair.

Mr. Wilson, who broke down in tears as he recounted the events of 1990, claimed there was a clear difference in the treatment of hostages who were part of the then Government, and those in opposition at the time, like Nizam Mohammed and Winston Dookeran.

He claimed the 2 men were not tied up like everyone else… but before he could go further he was stopped by Chairman Mr. Avory Sinanan

A few days ago former Government Minister Trevor Sudama said the Muslimeen were not being monitored by the then NAR Government, and that was the reason they were able to plan and execute an insurrection.

Today there was a different story from Mr Wilson who said the Muslimeen was indeed under careful watch by the NAR.