Senior Council Martin Daly has weighed in on the latest failed attempt at the appointment of a Commissioner of Police in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Daly was a guest on Power 102.1 FM Lunch-time programme, State of the Nation today.

He is adamant that someone who applied for the position of Deputy Commissioner of Police should not be considered for the post of Commissioner due to the higher level of responsibility that goes with the top position.

Mr. Daly says the Police Service Commission could not assume that there was any inter-changeability, that the person who applied for the position of Deputy Commissioner, can thus be thrust into the position of Commissioner

The senior counsel and former independent senator were also critical of comments made by current Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams in a newspaper report regarding the Anti-Gang legislation.

He finds it laughable that Mr. Williams says that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service cannot make arrests under the Anti-Gang legislation based on “old information” which will not be valid.