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Setting the record straight about contracting STD’s and STI’s

CEO of Jabulous Communications says people cannot contract Chlamydia by bathing in the sea.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning Technical Consultant in Human Behaviour and CEO at Jabulous Communications, Salorne McDonald said earlier reports of persons contracting Chlamydia while bathing in waters along the North-West Coast of Trinidad are false and sea bathers can only contract the Sexually Transmitted Infection via sexual contact with persons who are infected.

Mc Donald said persons cannot be infected with the STI by places like a swimming pool and the ocean.

When asked what types of bacterial infections persons can contract by swimming in water which is polluted with fecal matter, Mc Donald said sea bathers are at risk of contracting e-coli, gastroenteritis and several eye infections.

These illnesses he said can be contracted on the shore line.

On Tuesday, Former Health Minister, Dr. Fuad Khan, commented on the ongoing issue of sewage spilling into the nation’s coasts. He said clamydia could sometimes be contracted by persons bathing in such highly polluted water.