Members of the public are being implored to come forward with information to assist in nabbing a 35-year-old man who is said to have made sexual advances toward an 11-year-old girl via a series of WhatsApp messages.

The call comes from the Children’s Authority.

Screenshots of the conversation between the man, who is married, and the child were recently posted on social media.

Via the messages the suspect promises the child that if she consents to sex with him this weekend, he would give her money and buy her a Samsung cellphone.

At one point it appears that the parent of the 11 year old girl intercepts the conversation and tells the sexual predator that a report was going to be filed with the police.

In a statement yesterday, the Children’s Authority advised parents and guardians to be aware that sexual grooming is a reality and a crime.

“Sexual grooming occurs when an adult befriends a child by building a close relationship in order to gain the child’s trust, with the intention of later engaging the child in sexual activity.”