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Shamfa shocked at $59,000 phone bill and seeks to clear to air

Tourism Minister, Shamfa Cudjoe

Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe is seeking to clear the air on a $59,000 telephone bill she racked up over a four-day period.

She has not denied the bill however she is saying that she too was shocked when she received the bill.

She has stated that an investigation was ongoing by TSTT upon her request.

Details of the Bill was disclosed in the Senate on Monday by temporary Senator Christlyn Moore during debate on the mid-term budget review.

Reports indicate that only $1,100 of the bill represented actual calls.

In a statement issued yesterday afternoon, Cudjoe sought to clear herself of any wrongdoing, insisting that she acted above board as a Government Minister.

She said she attended the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s Caribbean Travel Marketplace in the Bahamas in her capacity as Minister of Tourism during January 29 to February 3, 2017.

Her attendance on the trip, Cudjoe said was necessary.

But she said while using her phone during this time it was for “official government business,” adding that she made herself available as a Government minister.