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Sheraz Khan Calls For Urgent Land Use Policy

Sheraz Khan Calls For Urgent Land Use Policy

Sheraz Khan

President of Trinidad and Tobago United Farmers Association, Shiraz Khan, is suggesting that the state move with urgency to develop a land use policy.

He says such a framework will help reduce incidents of relocation of farmers and also ensure that agriculture lands are not used for the construction of homes or other purposes.

Mr. Khan made the proposal while speaking on the State of the Nation Programme here on Power 102.1FM this afternoon.

He claimed that sixty farmers at Soogrim Trace, Chaguanas have received notices informing them that they will be moved but no indication has been given as to where they can continue their profession.

Mr. Khan said the request has been made to make way for the Endeavour E Teak Park.

He noted that this is the second time the farmers will berelocated as they were moved from Dass and Egypt Trace in Chaguanas.

Mr. Khan said they are hoping to get a positive response from Agriculture Minister, Clarence Rambharat, who has indicated that he would make inquiries from E Teck about the development and get back in touch with the farmers on the matter.