Two men are today dead following a shoot-out with police in Barataria this morning.

The incident reportedly occurred during the execution of anti-crime exercises along Seventh Avenue, Barataria.

Reports indicate that officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force were conducting exercises in the district around 7am, when they went to execute a search warrant at a home in the district.

However, shortly after they announced themselves, they were allegedly greeted by several explosions.

The officers took cover, drew their service weapons, and returned fire. After an exchange, the gunshots from the house ceased and upon making their way indoors, the officers found two men bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds.

Two loaded revolvers and several spent shells were also allegedly found and seized at the scene.
The wounded men were taken to the Eric Willams Medical Sciences Complex, but were pronounced dead on arrival.

The identities of the deceased had not been confirmed up to 9 am.