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Should Unhealthy Imported Food Be Banned? This Farmer Sure Thinks So.

Should Unhealthy Imported Food Be Banned? This Farmer Sure Thinks So.

Sheraz Khan says government must act.

Sheraz Khan – President of the Farmer’s Union said government should ban the importation of unhealthy foods into this country. He lamented that these foods, among them, apples, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, all meats, fish and frozen fruits, contribute to life threatening diseases.

Today is World Food Day. Khan gave the controversial recommendation in light of this observance, stating, ““We should not be importing foods that are not healthy. Some of these foods are treated with chemicals beyond our consideration, hence the reason why the Government has to inject billions of dollars into the health sector every year to treat with life threatening diseases.”

Separately, he launched an all out attack against the Ministry of Agriculture, saying that the ministry has done nothing to improve the sector in the last two years. He added that the food import bill which exceeds $5 billion annually, should be brought to a manageable level, suggesting that cutting back on the importation of these alleged “unhealthy” food items, could be a method of doing so.

“We should come up with a quota system. You cannot have your farmers producing 50 per cent of what we are consuming, but you importing the same 100 per cent, which has been causing farmers to undersell their produce. In some cases, many farmers had to give up their business. Farmers need to have some sort of protection against greedy importers,” he said recently.