Several vehicles belonging to the Siparia Regional Corporation have been seized by the courts to facilitate payment to a former employee who filed a lawsuit against the corporation and won.
The man reportedly filed the lawsuit seeking more than $600 thousand dollars after he was injured on the job 6 years ago.

Glen Ramadharsingh accused of embarrassing government.

Councillor for the Corporation, Maurice Alexander is now accusing the Chairman of the Corporation, Dr. Glen Ramadharsingh of mismanagement, after he said the vehicles were only seized because a decision was made not to pay the man.

Speaking with News Power now a short while ago, Councillor Alexander said the situation could have been avoided.


Mr. Alexander revealed that the solution involved making a part payment to the former employee and approaching the Ministry of Local Government to pay the remainder.

While he admitted that there would have been hesitation to make the payment given the current fiscal shortage facing regional Corporations, he believes the decision was made by the UNC controlled Corporation with the view of embarrassing the Government.