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Six Month Year Old Baby Mauled to Death

Six Month Year Old Baby Mauled to Death

NEWS GRAPHIC 6One community is mourning the loss of a six month old baby after tragedy struck on Tuesday afternoon.

According to reportsthe baby boy was mauled to death by a Rottweiler.

The incident happened at approximately 4pm.

Reports indicate that the baby was with his 23 year old mother Vishana Bissoon on Tuesday afternoon, when the dog who was on a leash, lept forward and attacked the baby.

Ms. Bissoon was also bitten by the dog when she attempted to rescue her child.

The family has had the dog for about a year now.

The mother’s screams alerted neighbours but by the time help arrived, baby Malik had already suffered major bites over his face and neck.

An EHS ambulance was called which arrived in minutes and medics rushed the unresponsive child to the Chaguanas Accident and
Emergency Department where minutes later he was pronounced dead.