The murder of Trinidad and Tobago dancehall artist, Kyle ‘Rebel Sixx’ George on Sunday night has been met with much outcry on social media, by fans and fellow entertainers. Amid all the noise however, the 26-year-old entertainer’s mother is reminding everyone looking on that vengeance is the Lord’s.

In a social media video post, the woman reminded her son’s killers that they had the potential to suffer similar fate, but made it clear that she herself would not have to lay a finger on anyone, as she believes vengeance belongs to God.

Separately, fellow local dancehall artist, Prince Swanny made it clear that he had no malice for George. In a social media post, the artist wrote, “We grew up together, we saw things differently , never wished bad or death on you we had one mission to make it out the streets and show the world our talent we did it !!! People have the world of negative things to say no one knows what we really feel, it’s sad when a man sees his wrongs and try to correct them and instead of support they try to bring us down. Who feels it knows it!!