Seems like rapper Snoop Dogg needs to be trained in social media etiquette! The Entertainer’s in hot water once again this year. In February, he came under heat after lashing out with expletives and even a threat against CBS’s Gayle King following her interview with Lisa Leslie on the heels of Kobe Bryant’s sudden death. Now, his mouth’s gotten him in trouble again after he suggested that R&B soul singer, Ari Lennox should grow her own hair.

These days, body shaming or any kind of shaming of others for that matter, on social media, is often met with tremendous backlash. Snoop’s comment on a ShadeRoom post of Lennox attempting to install a lace front wig, read, “Grow your own hair. What happened to those days?”

Lennox responded by posting a photo of Snopp Dogg as Todd, his white alter ego, saying, “Uncle I just…I just thought we had an understanding…”

Seems like Snoop may need another visit to the Red Table with Jada Pinkett. This ain’t looking too good bruh!