Many of  you Soca Monarch fans would have hoped to tune in this morning with eager anticipation whether to celebrate or begin the debates of “who get rob this year”.

Some of you would have waited till the very end (nearly 4am Saturday) to get the final word from the judges as to who walks away with the coveted crown for the two categories Groovy and Power.

This year the competition was witnessed by thousands at the Hasley Crawford Stadium, online and on local media, and provided memorable moments such as Machel Montano’s jetpack flyer zooming off over the crowds. Many cheered with Iwer George’s oil and mud Jab Jabs on the stage, which took precious time to clean up after. A number of artiste used costumed props – Saga Boy and Tan Tan, and yes even bunnys and chickens too. There was even a Prime Minister impersonator called upon by Prophet Benjamin to demonstrate why he was innocent of “throwing a wine”

But a scene stealer for all Soca Monarch fans was Super Blue performing his hits and climbing the scaffolding, this was during the vintage section introduced between the Groovy and Power competitions. The Baron, Explainer and Lord Nelson were also featured.

But what matters now is the results …and alas like the rest of the world, we were told that we have to await the revelation of the results later on today.

Power 102fm will publish the results online and announce the results over the air as soon as they are released.