There are reports of a 4.9 magnitude earthquake which shook parts of Trinidad and Tobago around 9:25 this morning. The UWI Seismic Research Centre has registered the quake at 71km North West of the capital city, Port of Spain, with a depth of about 10km. There have been no reports of injuries or infrastructural damage so far.

Social activist, Ravi Maharaj

Social activist, Ravi Maharaj

Social activist, Ravi Maharaj thinks he is responsible for the earth shaking experienced earlier this morning, saying that as he forwarded an email requesting an investigation by the Integrity Commission, into the Opposition Leader’s role in the emailgate scandal, the earth shook.

Maharaj who recently embarked on a 10 day Hunger strike says he has sent the request to Chairman of the integrity Commission Justice Zainool Hosein for the Integrity Commission’s consideration into any action that can be taken against Dr. Rowley for submitting falsified information to the commission and for making a false report.

These noted that such actions are addressed in Section 32(2) of the Integrity in Public Life Act and should be dealt with in a manner according to the law.

Maharaj says he feels that Dr. Rowley should be held accountable for his actions and statements, and an Integrity Commission investigation will address the ramifications of the reckless attitude that Dr. Rowley has brought to that office.