The relationship between an abuser and his victim is a complicated one, and is not easily understood by those outside of the relationship.

There are a lot of grey areas that would confuse those looking on.

These comments came from Social Worker Mrs. Douglas on the Power Breakfast Show earlier this morning on Power 102.1 fm.

This on the heels of the tragic suicide of Sherry Ann Seecharan.


Seecharan was released from police custody along with her teenage daughter in connection with the recent shooting death of prison officer Robert Seecharan.

The 36-year-old mother of four was discovered lying on a couch frothing from the mouth around 10.30 a.m. yesterday at her Barrackpore home.

Reports indicate that she had been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband Robert Seecharan.

Speaking to the media following her release, Seecharan said her husband began arguing with her 16-year-old daughter. The teenager was slapped repeatedly and pushed against a fence. Seecharan said she intervened and was attacked by the man. She was slammed against the car and beaten on the head until she became unconscious.

Mrs. Douglas revealed that an abusive relationship is difficult to understand.


She said that some persons believe that an abusive relationship is normal.


Social Worker Mrs. Luke Douglas.