Healthcare workers in the city of San Fernando marched in protest yesterday, incensed by news that they may be forced to wait another two months to receive their back-pay and salary increases.

Much like last week’s protest action outside the Ministry of Health on Park Street in Port of Spain, the Southern Healthcare workers chanted, ” No Money, No Work.” They were led by members of the National Health Workers Union and the T&T Registered Nurses Association.
The demonstration took place through the San Fernando General Hospital and the San Fernando Teaching Hospital.

San Fernando Nurses in protest

San Fernando Nurses in protest

An ultimatum was also issued to Health Minister, Dr. Fuad Khan to pay workers now or face a total shutdown of the health sector.

Shop Stewart at the TTRNA Simon Francis said it was unfair that workers were forced to wait for their dues while senior managers of the Regional Health Authorities, have already received millions of dollars in back-pay.

Separately, Francis told the media that workers at the Couva District Health Facility contacted the police on Tuesday night, indicating that intruders had entered the compound, however they said the police did not respond, citing a shortage of manpower.

Executive Officer of the NHWU Sylvan Wilson said it was impossible for health care workers to wait for two months to get their dues because of the impending changes to the current administration.

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan meanwhile, has called on the nurses and other staff to have patience. In an interview with NEWS POWER NOW following the action taken by Port of Spain healthcare workers last week, Dr. Khan made it clear that despite calls by PSA President, Watson Duke for proper documentation of his verbal promise, this would not be forthcoming.


Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan.