Cedros Counselor Shankar Teelucksingh says the port of Cedros is essentially shut down as he claims that verbal instructions have been issued to officials to restrict the entry of Venezuelan nationals.

Speaking with News Power Now, he called on the Government to come clean on the matter and explain why persons were being restricted from entering the country and in some cases leaving as well.

Mr Teelucksingh explained to News Power Now that that the alleged restrictions began after two ferries which travel weekly between Venezuela and Trinidad were stopped by Coast Guard officials yesterday.

The Trinidadians on board were taken aboard the Coast Guard vessel and brought to shore.

He claimed that the vessels were then made to turn around and go back to Venezuela.

Mr Teelucksingh added that following this incident, his understanding is that the port officials have been instructed to restrict Venezuelan nationals from entering the country through this legal port of entry.

The counselor expressed his concern that this action will only encourage persons to find and utilize illegal methods of entry into this country.