Police Officers from today will be along the highways armed and ready with speed guns keeping abreast of motorists driving above the speed limit.

Motorist can expect if caught driving above the 80km/hr, a ticket in the sum of $1,000.


Co-ordinator of the Road Safety Project, Brent Batson, said unlike popular belief, police officers will not be standing at the side of the road hoping to catch a speedster.

Batson said the guns would be placed in police vehicles that would be traversing the highways.

Officer Batson added that there would be times when the police may utilize the tripod mount which would only be used in certain circumstances.

Already there are Highway Patrol cars that travel along the highways, most of them stopping to help stranded motorist.

Batson added that from today the guns would be given to police officers who would be on the highways ensuring that motorists adhered to the 80 km/hr speed limit and on the main roads with a 30 km less stipulated speed.