Member of the National Congress of Incorporated Spiritual Baptists Organizations of Trinidad and Tobago, Elder Braithwaite, says an application was made about two months to the government for state lands for the building of the group’s Headquarters and Cathedral in one complex.

He made the revelation while speaking on the State of the Nation Programme on Power 102.FM on Monday afternoon. He was speaking against the background that one faction of the Baptist movement has expressed lack of knowledge as to how the offer of land came up.

On March 20ththe Prime Minister announced that the government has decided to provide land in Central Trinidad for the construction of a Baptist Cathedral.

Dr. Keith Rowley added also that the government has considered that the time is long overdue for the Baptist faith to have a spiritual memorial ground as well as a Baptist cemetery.

However, there are differences and divisions over the issue, among members of the faith.

Mr. Braithwaite went into detail on the request that was made and the plans his organization has in mind.