gymnastics in Trinidad and TobagoThe troubling issues facing gymnastics in Trinidad and Tobago have prompted a relatively unknown body called the  Trinidad and Tobago Association of Sport and the Law to press for the formation of a national Dispute Resolution Council.


Farai Hove Masaisai, an Attorney-at-Law and Public Relations Officer of the Association of Sport and law underlined the need for the council.



Saying that the Association of Sport and Law is an independent body which aims to enhance the participation in sport from grass root to professional level and also to the effective administration of local sport governing bodies Masaisai said it was not taking any side in the gymnastics issue.


Masaisai referenced the long delays for many court matters in TnT, painting a picture of possibilities on any move to seek redress in the local courts.




Masaisai said a dispute council would resolve commercial and anti-doping disputes also.


He said his association stand ready to engage in discussion on the way forward  with sporting administrators and other stakeholders, the sport company of Trinidad and Tobago and the Ministry of Sport to begin the conversation on legally binding Alternative Dispute Resolution within the sporting industry.


The alternative, the association said will be that the only meaningful recourse that any aggrieved party would have is to pursue costly and lengthy litigation before the Honourable Supreme Court.


The end result the association said would not be a sporting result and will always leave the losing party with a bitter taste of vengeance in their mouth.