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Sport Minister, Anil Roberts Denies Ever Using Illicit Drugs

Sport Minister, Anil Roberts

Sport Minister, Anil Roberts

The Sport Minister in a letter to the Prime Minister has stated that he has never taken, used or experimented with any type of illicit drugs. Minister Roberts also assured his government leader that he has never been involved in any form or fashion, with prostitutes. His statement was issued to the Prime Minister on the heels of allegations of misconduct in public office over the past two weeks.

The letter which was sent to the media on Thursday evening by officials at the office of the Prime Minister led to the Prime Minister’s decision that no action would be taken by the government against Minister Roberts at this time.

In his letter, Minister Roberts said he has stood by and watched a relentless media campaign designed to defame, hurt and disrespect him and his family, his constituents, the government and Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar.

Minister Roberts added that he has been instructed by his attorneys to remain silent on the matter, adding that his lawyers have  advised him that there is no way that any of the material displayed in the video can be verified. He said the production of the video was an extreme form of mischief and noted that it was made in tandem with allegations that attacked the LifeSport Porgramme. He said he awaits the outcome of the investigation into those allegations.