The Office of the Prime Minister and the Anglican Church are advising of the mutual decision to close the St Michael’s School for Boys located along the Diego Martin Main Road, Diego Martin.

In a media release the Office of the Prime Minister said the reason for the closure of the School is the drastic reduction in the number of residents.

It reveals that the School, with a capacity to accommodate eighty boys, has been accommodating an average of four boys per month since November 2017.

Over the years, the Government, supported the facility through the provision of an annual subvention to fully satisfy the management, operational, tactical and other requirements associated with the care of the children at the School.

It noted that the decision to close the school arose out of discussions with the Office of the Prime Minister, the Anglican Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago and the Board of Management attached to the School.

The statement indicated that in 1889, the school was established by the Church of England in Trinidad and Tobago as a residential industrial school for homeless boys.

It added that over the years, the school operated successfully under the management of the Anglican Church and was a place of hope for homeless boys in Trinidad and Tobago.