Reputed gang leader, Dole was shot and killed by police in Sea Lots on Thursday evening.

There was a stand-off between heavily armed police officers and residents in the Sea Lots district on Thursday afternoon, following what has been reported as the police killing of two reputed gang members.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith was on the scene, and could be observed directing officers in an exercise which pushed back angry residents who were shouting obscenities at officers, and accusing them of the killings of the two men, known popularly as Dole and Bull. The men were said to have been killed in a shoot-out with the police.

Residents could be heard shouting at the officers, before the Commissioner arrived. He could be seen instructing them in a move to clear the roadway. He they began moving into the crowd, some of the officers began to shout.

This incident followed the early morning shooting death of another reputed gang leader, Vaughn Mieres, better known as Sandman, along with his wife and two pother persons, at his home in Las Cuevas. This incident is said to have taken place at  around 2:45 am.