A man is today reportedly considering legal action after spending 11 years in jail on allegations that he killed his son. 61-year-old Frank Gill has been acquitted of all charges.

Gill was charged with murdering his son, Italo James, at a marijuana field in Moruga in 2007.

According to police reports, James was fatally shot on May 24th that year, in a field off Simon Trace, St Mary’s Village, Moruga. He succumbed th his injuries on June 4th, that year.

Gill was later charged after investigations by police.

According to the case made by the State, James made utterances which identified Gill was the shooter before he died.

However, the case of the defence was that the utterances were false, and that Gill was at a friend’s house on the day his son was fatally shot.

After Gill was acquitted, he told members of the media that he intended to sue the State for his incarceration.