Steel Workers Union expresses shock over Arcelor Mittal move

by | Mar 14, 2016 | 4 comments

Lakshmi Mittal (1)

Lakshmi Mittal – CEO/Chairman – ArcelorMittal

From jubilee to sadness, that’s how President of the Steel Workers Union of Trinidad and Tobago described the situation involving ArcelorMittal workers.

He said that after success at the courts, the Union had received communication from the company to discuss a way forward.

However when Union representatives went to the meeting they received troubling news.
Henry revealed that while they were expecting bad news, they never expected to hear what they did.


Retrenched workers of ArcelorMittal, after winning judgement on Thursday, before the company’s doors were closed on Friday morning.

He said that Company cited several reasons for the decision to close its doors.

He said that the reason given by Arcelor Mittal for laying off workers was that the company was experiencing cash flow problems.

However he said in 2014 the company had recorded a profit, so it was shocking that the company was now articulating a debt of over $1 billion.

President of the Steel Workers Union of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Jerry Hussain

    Eric Williams’s Point Lisas dream is dying now. Is this any way to treat a FATHER of the nation. Shame on all of us if these wolves get away with murder. DO NOT FORGET THESE WOLVES BROUGHT THE DRUG MEN HERE TOO.

  2. Jerry Hussain

    Petrotrin and like industry has high debts in the good years….they were beds made for the company political prostitutes over the years …khan high and his rum partner milked the company and drained it and Kamla wanted the dreggs. They never cared … we were played BIG TIME. When Chinee Chopper (Energy MINISTER RONNIE WILLIAMS) was asked by Eric in the late 70s to put the flared gas into the pipeline and make our fuel consumption an efficient and prosperous deal they, these wolves, laughed their way to the bank. WE WERE PLAYED AND ARE STILL PLAYED. Are we waiting for anarchy to act? They gave away our natural gas for pennies per million BTU when world prices were 8-12 USD per million BTU and then came the $4 Billion dollar LNG plants that were again ill conceived by design ….we made peanuts on that. And then came global warming as the huge turbines OUTLETS TO ATMOSPHERE were belted with unburnt and carbon and nitrogen oxides exhaust gases into the nearby Caribbean seas 30 plus years now. Studies linked Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina births to this. In fundamental chemistry in college we know this as boiling point elevation. And the floods came as the overheating would clash with Trade Winds. Those same gas turbines can never be operated in USA but we are a piece of shit in the ocean.

  3. Jerry Hussain

    Power 102 is owned by the upper class designed to keep the lower class feeling that they are heard. You see it when you try to air the truths of the government/ upper class wrongs in the society. But history is history and nothing man did or does in the years gone or to come will cap the truths forever. The truth will prevail even though some of us will pay dearly but fear never ever prevails. From the start in Eric’s dream there were persons in our society bent on proving him wrong. I was one of those engineers after the Rosy Douglas affair in Canada ( Rosey merely raised ears but that place is unchanged, Concordia or George William University) and they do treat us like dogs in their embassy in PoS)was asked to come home to jump start Point Lisas ( the famous steel plant that has come to nought now …Tringen 1 and 11 are not far behind) in the mid seventies. Tringen 1 was never supposed to come to Trinidad…it was an engineering failure in OK, USA. But the greed filled afro boys who Rowley still has with him made their mint then and want more in a very different and difficult time for T&T. This year has been called the year of mercy by the RC church but these wolves among the sheep have no mercy…watch OWTU woos very clearfully! Our oil and gas industry was never designed for low oil and gas prices especially with their onstream plant factors in the 80s. And the input of cheap, guinea pig engineering that JIm Jones and his peers brought here from the 70s to now. We must flush them out NOW. There will be more MITTAL like moves to come.

  4. Jerry Hussain

    I keep saying over and over again these foreigners only come to Trinidad to carry on a business when our authorities allow them to milk the country of it precious resources. This is nothing other than a scam and we are the ones who have to pay for this loss and further told to tighten our belts. The own the media, internet, cell phones …everything so that the truth to their evil ways are kept buried from us. We ask that God free us from all of this mess they create. THEY ARE SIMPLY LOUSY MANAGERS WHO ARE JUST PLAIN GREEDY FOR OUR WEALTH AND MAKE ENDLESS MONEY ON OUR BACKS WITH OUR BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS.