Arcelor Mital to lay-off hundreds of employeesThe Steel Workers Union of Trinidad and Tobago goes to the court over the recent decision of Arcelor Mital to lay-off hundreds of employees and is awaiting a response.

The company explained that following the inability to reach agreement with the union on a proposal from management for workers with accrued vacation days to proceed on paid vacation, while workers who do not have vacation leave to engage in alternative functions on a temporary basis outside of their normal duties, it had no option but to begin a process of laying-off workers”.

However, the Point Lisas Company added that it has undertaken the responsibility to provide the workers with some financial assistance as has been done on occasions in the past.

In a News Power Now interview , SWUTT President, Christopher Henry, said the union has gone ahead with its legal option.

Mr. Henry also confirmed that the labor minister held discussions with the company but the multinational establishment is sticking to its original position.

Steel Workers Union President, Christopher Henry