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Stuart Young Begs T&T To Empathize With Maxie Cuffie.

Stuart Young Begs T&T To Empathize With Maxie Cuffie.

Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young, is urging citizens to show compassion after pictures of Maxie Cuffie surfaced on social media on Wednesday.

He was pictured in Washington outside a church with a walking stick.

Cuffie suffered a stroke in September 2017 and was not seen or heard from since.

This caused speculation with conspiracies claiming he was not alive.

Speaking at the post-cabinet media briefing on Thursday, Young said he noticed ‘disturbing’ comments being made on social media following the release of the pictures.

“It dawned on me as I was reading the newspaper this morning and seeing various posts on social media of which quite frankly were disturbing, but let’s remember at the end of the day Minister Cuffie is a human being, Minister Cuffie has a family. Minister Cuffie has gone through a medical episode that I wouldn’t wish on anybody.” – STUART YOUNG. 

The Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister called on citizens to show compassion.

He said he was happy to see the pictures as they show he is progressing well. He was asked whether government has considered replacing him as a Member of Parliament.

Young said the government is not at this stage considering this.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley announced in February that $2 million dollars was paid by the government toward medical expenses for Minister Cuffie.

The Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister said Cabinet had taken a decision to put forward a certain amount to his medical bills, revealing that the ceiling has been met.

He added that government ministers have personally written cheques to help Cuffie.


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    I do not know Mr Cuffie’s service records but with all due respects Mr Minister, in other areas of government as we are seeing now, …… when a Minister is assigned to a posting and do not show respect, good ethical values, and responsibility and above all do not intend to serve the people of the great nation then you will get fall out. Mr. Manning contracted a “rare blood disease”. Can we expiain that!. NO but the good lord has HIs methods. These days you are seeing embarissing times with other Ministers like the foreign one on Dominica’s affairs ( and he has nothing to say directly to the people he serves ), of course he is being paid for his silence ….and Mr Smiley who seems to be a big joke on the natural gas situation which he shows he knows nothing of. Come on, what really are their ‘pull string’ roles? How much business on the side he is doing with the bankrupt Petrotrin affair …..and are all matters still in his wife’s or family name like Donald Trump who PNM copies like hell. No accountability is the name of the game with them. Does the PNM really wants all ah we to have trust or respect for them with all the faupas.