Trinidad and Tobago is on COVID-19 alert, this as four cases of the virus has been confirmed. Schools are out for this week and the the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and the Anglican Church have suspended masses. Precautions are being taken by employers and the government amid efforts to curtail any potential spread of the virus. Already more than 4000 people have died from COVID -19 worldwide.

It’s important to allay fear and panic. Many are at home this week and being at home in a state of precautionary quarantine, there is the potential for boredom to step in.

We’ve come up with a list of fun, creative and somewhat developmental things you can do with your loved ones while indoors.


Learn to sew.

Even if you’ve never sewed a stitch, you can learn to sew pretty easily. YouTube is a great resource! You can learn to mend your clothes if they need repair, or sew a new piece of clothing. Either one you choose, it will help you save money. Especially if you can sew your kids’ clothes. Kids go through so many clothes! I know many homesteaders that sew their children’s clothes in order to save a bunch of money. And my mom told me that when she was young, people would even darn (mend) their socks to save money. Talk about frugal!


Whether it’s just curling up with a good novel, reading a non-fiction book, or researching on the internet, you can learn so much by reading! There is such a wealth of information out there. Check out Pinterest for options.

Learn to cook or bake.

Most of us still have room for skill building in the kitchen. Cooking good, homemade food is not as commonplace as it used to be. Why not learn to bake your own bread? Learn how to make real food from real, simple ingredients. It is so much healthier than the processed stuff at the store. You will save money and learn to use more of the stuff you grow yourself. It will also help you to be able to cook from your food storage so you can be more self-reliant.

Learn How to Invest in the Stock Market.

Now is as good a time as any to learn how to invest for the future. You’ve always heard about the stock market so why not take this time indoors to boost your financial profile, learn the tricks of the trade and strengthen your financial status. Click here for details.

Take Your First Online Yoga Session.

You’ve heard about Yoga and you’ve always wanted to try it out. You’ve bee told that practicing yoga is a sure way to ease your tension and stress while getting fit. You’re locked indoors a COVID 19 precaution so why not search YouTube for a beginner’s Yoga tutorial? It’s as good a time as any to work on self development. It’s an awesome idea to focus on the positives that this situation can bring, rather than the negatives. Let’s do some Yoga!

Truth is, there are many things that you can do in this time, chief among them, spend time with your family. Children the world over are stuck indoors with their parents and guardians now, and rather than leave them to their digital devices, play station games and television, why not take the opportunity to get to know your children better. Try baking with your teenager or dads, teach your son how to change the oil in the car! Now’s as good a time as any. Let’s all take advantage of the potential to become better human beings in this time of uncertainty.