The Ministry of Education is today saying that indiscipline by school children while in uniform will not be tolerated.

A release informed that as a result of measures put in place by the Ministry at the nation’s schools, acts of indiscipline have migrated off the compound and into the streets.

Education Minister, Anthony Garcia.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia was adamant that there would be a zero tolerance policy on matters of indiscipline.

He said that any student found to be engaging in such acts, in school uniform, once identified will be dealt with accordingly.

The statement follows the second video that has surfaced this week involving students fighting in the streets.

The recent video showing  has been met with complete admonishment by the Minister and the students involved will be referred to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the Student Support Services Division of the Ministry of Education and a recommendation has been made to have these students removed from the schools and placed in Learning Enhancement Centres where remediation and rehabilitation will take place.

The Ministry of Education says it is now strengthening its partnership with the Ministry of National Security to have a greater presence in areas where there are students congregating.

Speaking to News Power Now a short while ago, Minister in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Lovell Francis said the Ministry recognizes that its responsibility for school children extends beyond the confines of the school compound.

Dr. Francis warns that until the child court is set up, school children involved in violent activities can be arrested and made to go before the regular courts.