Education Minister Anthony Garcia said students from the Chaguanas North Secondary School have been moved to a building at the Couva West Secondary School from today and will remain there until the end of the term.

This is according to Education Minister Anthony Garcia.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, Garcia said of the original 24 students who were suspended, the remaining four students will remain at the Chaguanas North Secondary School and will be rehabilitated there.

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Education Minister Anthony Garcia

From March 9 to the end of the term the students, under the guidance of the Student Support System, will be engaged in activities about “understanding themselves and their behaviour, making better choices, improving communication and empowering themselves toward success”, Garcia said.

The Education Minister revealed that their literacy levels and levels of emotional stability will also be assessed to find out the cause of the behaviour.

Garcia said that members of the ministry met with the principal and staff at the school and were furnished with a list of students whose behaviour is “undesirable”.

Regarding recent reports of troublesome students at the El Dorado East Secondary School, Garcia said a list of names of 31 students, ages 13-17, was obtained.

He said those students, in the opinion of the principal and staff, are “desiring high risk behaviour”, meaning behaviour that would compromise the safety of those within the school system.

He said however that every effort will be made to address the source of the behaviour.