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Suspect in Movie Towne murder in custody

Suspect in Movie Towne murder in custody

movie towne murderA suspect in the killing of a woman at Movie Towne, Port-of-Spain on Sunday night is currently in police custody.

Confirmation of this came from the management of the popular franchise, who in a statement expressed its condolences to the family of the murdered woman.

She has been identified as Jamilia Derevenax, an employee of Mandieros restaurant.

Derevenax was killed in an apparent domestic dispute shortly after 8pm near her workplace.

Movie Towne management credits the speedy effort of Telecoms Security who responded to the woman’s cries and for the interception of a vehicle the suspect was in.

The suspect remains in police custody.

Movie Towne took the opportunity to add its voice to the collective voice of the nation in “expressing outrage at the senseless killings and wanton disregard for life.”