A man’s body found along the Foreshore near the Audrey Jeffers Highway on the morning of August 26th was allegedly dumped there by a driver who is today telling police that he had nothing to do with the man’s death. Randy Scott had suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Now in police custody, the suspect is telling detectives that he simply threw the dead man out of his vehicle, after realizing that he had been shot and killed. He insists that he had been hired by Scott to take him to Morvant early that morning. He said, while in the area, his vehicle was fired upon and he fled the area. He further explained that it was only upon reaching the Foreshore that he realized Scott had been shot in the head and was dead. The suspect says he panicked and decided to throw the man’s body out of the vehicle before driving off.

Investigations into all angles are being examined before officers seek legal advice.