The Ministry of Education says it has implemented all necessary health protocols to address the concerns of the staff, students and parents of the San Fernando ASJA Primary School, following claims of an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease on the compound.

The concerns were raised after three students fell ill and were treated for vomiting and diarrhea.

It explains that Ministry of Health officials visited the school Thursday and carried out tests on the compound, but have not confirmed the presence of this disease.

The principal also invited parents to a meeting and they were briefed by Ministry of Health officials on the symptoms of the disease and what measures are being implemented by the school to clean and sanitise the compound.

Meanwhile, the school remains open, since the Ministry of Health has not given instructions for it to be closed.

Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia, has expressed his appreciation with the way the Ministry of Education officers, Public Health Officials and the Ministry of Health have responded to the situation to inform parents of the situation and the measures being implemented to address the health and safety concerns of teachers and students.