“Day 6” of the investigation into the death of Police Constable Kryston Ramirez has reached its final hurdle.

Interviews of the 16 year old and the 20 year old commenced and concluded around 8:30 pm on Thursday.

Speaking with News Power Now on Friday morning, Defence Attorney Fared Ali who represents both men, said the Director of Public Prosecutions will now be made to deliberate on the issue.

He says the DPP will have to decide if to lay formal charges of murder against the men or release them from custody.

Earlier in the week Ali complained that his clients were being treated poorly at the police stations where they were housed.

He said that they were unable to take a bath or receive food from family members.

However he told our newsroom that the situation was eventually addressed.

He lamented what he described as a general disregard for the rights of those who are in police custody.

Ali confirmed that both men chose to exercise their right to silence at the interviews. That means the state has been put to strict proof of their involvement in the homicide of Constable Ramirez.