Each year during the Carnival season, there always seems to be some sort of confusion stirring, whether it’s something to do with lack of funding, fete licenses, masqueraders and faulty costumes, or the ever popular soca artistes and competitions gone wrong.

Today, there’s some upheaval as the man who brought you “Bucket” back in 2012 and “Ana” in 2017; has lashed out at the International Soca Monarch, alleging a rigged system.

Swappi took to his Instagram page, writing “This is a very nasty game of Soca Monarch, and I no longer want anything to do with the rigged system.”

He went on to add that he is tired of the insult and just wants to be respected. The entertainer alleges that he was approached by two of the ISM’s representatives to enter the competition, which he initially said he had no intension of doing. He alleged that the men, whose names he did in fact call, persuaded him, revealing that he would be guaranteed a space in the finals of the competition on Fantastic Friday. In the social media post, the entertainer went on to explain that he told the representatives that he simply wanted his respect.

In the end however, he failed to make it to the finals of the competition. There has been no comment on the allegation by any member of the International Soca Monarch committee, to this time. Efforts to contact ISM Chairman, Peter Scoon proved futile.

Thirty-five contestants competed in the Semi-final round of the competition last weekend. In the end, 11 were selected to square off in the finals.


WRITTEN BY: Melissa Stanisclaus.