Whoever said the legal system in Trinidad and Tobago was slow, may be a bit surprised today after a 33- year-old man was yesterday sentenced to three months jail time accompanied by hard labour, by a San Fernando Magistrate, for an act he committed on Monday.

Farad Ali will serve the sentence after he was arrested, charged and immediately tried for indecently assaulting a 42-year-old woman on High Street in San Fernando at 6:30pm on Monday. The woman reported to police that she had been walking along High Street when she was approached by Ali who began fondling her left breast before running away. He was arrested later that day on High Street.

Yesterday, the man apologized for his action when he appeared before Magistrate Alicia Chankar. He said he was drunk at the time and accidentally touched the woman’s breast. He begged for leniency, telling the magistrate that he just wanted to return home to his daughters one of whom is sitting the SEA examination this year. The Magistrate questioned him as to how he would feel if his daughter had met similar fate. He replied saying that he would feel disturbed and would take the matter to the police.