NEWS GRAPHIC 3Initial investigations into the source of the fires which have affected operations at the Beetham Landfill since Sunday have revealed that they were in fact the result of a deliberate act.

This is according to a release from the Trinidad & Tobago Solid Waste Company Limited (SWMCOL).

The authority however, assured the public that the necessary steps were being taken to increase security at the Beetham Facility as well as to improve upon fire prevention systems, detection and management on site.

It says that the subject of trespassing at all landfill sites being managed by SWMCOL needed to be dealt with expeditiously, and the company was liaising with  the ministry of National Security to effect a quick and ready solution ,as the safety of all on site was routinely compromised by their actions – both careless and pre-meditated.

The authority thanked the efforts of their team on site, stating that operations at the Beetham Landfill will resume today on a Limited Scale.

The facility however remains closed to members of the general public.