Workers attached to the Sol­id Waste Man­age­ment Com­pa­ny Limited, (SWMCOL), engaged in early morning protest action, today. It was only two weeks ago, during the delivery of the 2020 budget, that employees of the company stood bearing placards outside the parliament.

SWMCOL has been at loggerheads with the In­dus­tri­al Gen­er­al and San­i­ta­tion Work­ers Union, for some time. This morning’s protest action at the Beetham landfill, was confirmed by the management of SWMCOL.

The union has been call­ing for the im­me­di­ate re­in­state­ment of 21 work­ers from the Re­cy­cling Di­vi­sion who were re­trenched earlier this month.

Those employees had been hired on a contract, before being retrenched. However the union accuses SWMCOL of going back on its word, arguing that a Col­lec­tive Agree­ment had assured that the work­ers would become permanently employed with the company.