NEWS GRAPHIC 4Much like the current doubles price situation, taxi fares to and from San Fernando now vary driver to driver.

Over the weekend, the San Fernando Taxi Drivers Association notified its members via circular, that fares would be increased from $15 to $18 effective today.

Association President Hayden Whiskey stated that the fare has not been increased for more than 7 years.

He also gave the following reasons for the increase in an interview this morning.


Some taxi drivers plying the San Fernando route are not in agreement with the fare hike however as they feel that it is unfair and opportunistic.

Commuters can therefore expect to see some taxis with the sign “Still $15” on their windscreens, as taxi drivers who have not raised their fares have adopted similar tactics to some doubles providers.

Mr. Whiskey says however, that this move is one which has been pending for quite some time, and that the fare raise has nothing to do with current economic factors.


San Fernando Taxi Drivers Association President Hayden Whiskey.