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Team to investigate baby mix up at Mt Hope Women’s Hospital…

Dr Fuad Khan

Minister of Health, Dr. Fuad Khan

Minister of Health, Dr. Faud Khan, has assured that he will be putting together a team to investigate and hold persons to account, following a mix up of two babies delivered at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital.

Mt Hope Women Hospital

Mt Hope Women’s Hospital

The mothers of the babies, one from Trinidad and the other from Tobago were both scheduled to have Cesarean sections on the same day; with the Trinidadian mother of Indo-Trinidadian decent expected to go first.

However, the Tobagonian who was flown in via Helicopter from Tobago had hers’ first instead.

Within this time there was a mix-up and both mothers went home with each other’s babies for five months.

It is believed that the mix up of the baby girls occurred during the tagging process, and no one detected the error, even as both mothers, after their surgeries, were placed on the same ward, in beds next to each other.

During an interview this morning, Minister Khan agreed that there must be consequences when unfortunate incidents like these occur.

He added that the parents involved will be receiving counseling.