The TT Pro League is condemning the murder of 16-year-old Noah Simmons who was gunned down near his Marabella home on Tuesday.

Simmons was fatally shot on the day that he would have turned 16.

He was sitting outside his home in an area known as the Train Line in Marabella when the incident occurred.

Pro League CEO Julia Baptiste, in a statement, labelled the crime ‘unacceptable’.

Simmons was a former Club Sando youth player and this year represented Central FC under adopted Anthony Sherwood Football Academy in the Under-16 division of the Flow Youth Pro League.

Club Sando Under-14 head coach Wayne Caesar also expressed deep condolences on his passing.

Expressing sadness, he said that Simmons was earmarked to be a National player.

Simmons was also a fourth form student at Shiva Boys Hindu College.

Last year he represented the school at the 2017 Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Under-16 division and was a member of the school’s Under-14 SSFL team.