Tensions remain high as Union members prepare for their meeting with the Prime Minister today.

The group maintains that despite the planned meeting, a national shutdown is surely imminent; because they still believe that the Prime Minister is not addressing their concerns, and instead, is trying to back them into a corner. 

Union leaders continue to urge Government to remove the 5 percent wage cap on negotiations.

However, the Prime Minister maintained no wage cap had been established, and she did not know where it came from. 

In case the union leaders make good on their promise of the National strike, Government says measures have been put in place to maintain law and order.

Confirmation came from National Security Minister John Sandy, who while at the Kapok Hotel Monday, assured the nation’s defense forces would be standing by.

That was all he said about the plan.

Minister Sandy, meantime, said an investigation would be launched into 3 police killings in Moruga last Friday night.

He is still awaiting a report on the incident.

He lamented that incidents like these were what caused the relationship between lawmen and communities to be strained.