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Textbook MOU Signed between Ministry of Education and Book Industry Organisation.

Textbook MOU Signed between Ministry of Education and Book Industry Organisation.

Minister of Education Anthony GarciaEducation Minister, Anthony Garcia is this evening confirming that a Memorandum of Undertanding will be established to govern the affairs of book publishers, the Education Facilities Company Limited (EFCL) and the Ministry of Education’s Textbook Management Unit in relation to the supply and distribution of textbooks in primary and secondary schools.

He says this is the next step toward a collaborative agenda between the book publishers and the Ministry following another meeting held today.

Speaking to the members of the Book Industry Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (BIOTT) today, Minister Garcia said, “As school reopens in September, everything must be in place to ensure that the textbooks are procured and delivered on time.”

He  thanked  the book publishers who met with him last week saying that they had both gotten the opportunity to air their concerns.

Minister Garcia says the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry and the book publishers is expected to deal with present and future circumstances, as well as reflect the objectives of all the relevant stakeholders and serve as a medium to resolve all issues concerning the requisitioning, procurement, supply and distribution of textbooks, inclusive of unsold books by publishers.

Confirmation was also given that the letters of awards for publishers are ready for dissemination, and the Ministry’s Legal Unit is currently looking into the best solution to allow publishers to offer for sale unsold books bearing the Ministry’s insignia.