The Tobago House of Assembly is asking Central Government for 3 point nine billion dollars to run the affairs of the sister isle for the 2011\2012 fiscal year.

Last year the THA requested 3.5 billion dollars to manage the assembly’s business but received 1.9 billion dollars from Central Government.

Finance Secretary in the T.H.A. , Dr Anselm London , who presented the fiscal package this morning,   said during the election campaign government promised to improve the wages of persons employed in the Unemployment Relief Programme and Community based  Environmental  Protection and Enhancement Programme.

However, he complained this has not been done.

Dr London revealed this year the THA is asking for 36 million dollars for CEPEP and 17 million dollars for URP.

He added the Assembly will also resist any attempt by the government to enforce its plans and projections for Tobago without proper dialogue and consultation.