Tobago House of Assembly, Chief Secretary, Orville London is expressing his disappointment and disgust at the walkout of the Minority in the House of Assembly last Thursday during debate on a motion on the THA Act and Constitution.

The motion tabled by Mr London called on the House to record its disagreement with the Central Government’s intention to place an alternative discussion document on the review of the THA Act and the relevant sections of the Constitution into the public domain at this time.

It also asked the House to reaffirm its commitment to the process initiated by the THA and supported by the people of Tobago.

The final draft of the documents will be presented to the House on Friday at 1.30 p.m. at the offices of the committee involved in the exercise at the Information Technology Centre at Signal Hill.

Mr. London said he believed that what happened in the House recently signaled a total disrespect for the institution and the spirit that must exist in any Assembly or any debating chamber.

He said the walkout led by Minority Leader Ashworth Jack that included PP Tobago West MP Dr. Delmon Baker who was visiting the House, signaled a breakdown in the kind of relationship that must exist between members of the House of Assembly and the Assembly itself and the institution called the Tobago House of Assembly.