The Attorney General is speaking out in the aftermath of violent protest action in East Port of Spain, yesterday, reiterating the need to for the passage of anti gang legislation in this country.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi spoke with the Trinidad Newsday newspaper, saying, “The crux of the matter is that this is a response from the neighbourhood relative to law enforcement activities.”

Government and Opposition met on. the issue last week Friday however to date, the Opposition has not made a decision on the sunset clause or a joint select committee.

Yesterday’s riots in East Port-of-Spain is said to have stemmed from the police killing of a young man who was known to police, from the area. He has been identified as Akeil James, otherwise known as Christmas.

Mr. Al Rawi said such incidents are multidimensional but sought to remind the population that law enforcement much be given the space to operate, as well as be held accountable for their actions where necessary. He called on the Opposition to be reasonable in the matter of the anti gang legislation, noting that government has made a pitch for a sunset clause of three years, which would be when the bill would effectively expire. He said he saw the request for a JSC as pointless as well as the Opposition’s request for statistics- something he said government has already provided.