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The Business Corner Episode 19 – Aired Monday 23rd October 2017

Episode 19 – Aired Monday 23rd October 2017

With the cost of food and transport (owing to the 2017/18 National Budget), and utilities set to rise, managing dwindling levels of disposable income becomes more of a challenge. Phillip Williams, of the investments department of the the Trinidad & Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (established in 1981) speaks about the importance of saving, and a variety of short- and long-term options through a very successful company with some 22 billion dollars under its portfolio.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Caribbean Construction Digest, Steve Rajpatty, takes a look at the construction sector, a major employer now hit by some difficult times, but with a few bright prospects.

The CARIRI Business Hatchery offers tips on pricing strategies to budding entrepreneurs.

And, in an age when culture and the creative arts define many countries, the chief of cultural solidarity and creative affairs at the Inter-American Development Bank, Dr, Trinidad Zaldivar discusses the potential impact of the so-called ‘Orange Economy’, which in 2015, brought over 124 billion U.S. dollars and about 2 million jobs to the Caribbean and Latin America.

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