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The Business Corner Episode 20 – Aired Monday 30th October 2017

Episode 20 – Aired Monday 30th October 2017

After examining its impact in the wider Latin America and the Caribbean region, a further look, this week, at the ‘orange economy’ (the cultural and creative sectors). University Lecturer in Film and Photography, Dr. Bruce Paddington, who founded and directs the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (est. in 2006), speaks about the need to capitalise on the initial impact created by a growing number of quality local productions, media support, and the tangible and intangible benefits of ‘people seeing themselves’.

And renowned multi-media producer, and the person behind Anime Caribe, Camille Selvon-Abrahams, explains where animation(, which combines elements of film, graphic design and IT,) fits into the ‘value chain’.

Additionally, artist and Fullbright scholar, Dr. Mariel Barrow, gives details about on-going projects to help at-risk youths set up sustainable income-generating entities.

Plus, problems continue on the inter-island Sea-Bridge.

We apologize for the lack of Audio Recordings for this weeks feature