President Anthony Carmona returns to T&T on Sunday.

News today that Chief Justice Ivor Archie has decided to postpone his planned departure for a six month sabbatical and study tour. It is understood that he will schedule his trip following President Anthony Carmona’s return to Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday.

This has come about because of a letter sent to the Chief Justice, by Acting President Christine Kangaloo.

The CJ’s planned absence from the country was publicized earlier this week, in circumstances which have led to questions to the President by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, who asked the President for his response, to the nomination of Justice Allan Mendonca to act, in the Chief Justice’s absence.

The Prime Minister then wrote to the President asking on what authority did the President grant the Chief Justice leave to be away on sabbatical for six months. But the President has been out of the country this week, and is due back in office on Sunday.

In his absence, Acting President Kangaloo wrote to the Chief Justice asking whether he would consider delaying his departure until President Carmona’s return, to which he has agreed.

The issue has added a new chapter in the long-running saga of the Chief Justice being under fire and under pressure to answer questions from several quarters, among which are prominent attorneys individually, as well as the Law Association, concerning matters in which he has been named.

The court of appeal was meeting today, hearing an appeal by the Law Association on an attempt to investigate allegations of wrong-doing by the Chief Justice. Justice Nadi Kangaloo had ruled on Wednesday, that the Law association had no jurisdiction to conduct any such investigation.